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Welcome to Kat's little story page! Feel free to browse around and read, just please take note of the warnings on the stories, and use your back button wisely if you think they aren't your cup of tea. There be spanking ahead, mateys!

Now, for those who are still here (*g*), these stories were inspired by Larrkin's wonderful Lord of the Rings stories, the 'Attention Deserved' series, of which I am a devoted fan. As other fans will recall, Larrk's stories are an AU, based on the idea that Aragorn stayed in Minas Tirith somewhat longer than he did in Tolkien's canon, and that he, as 'Thorongil', developed a close relationship with a then four-year-old Boromir. When they met again in Rivendell, Boromir recognised and remembered Aragorn, and that closeness was rekindled.

After Larrk first started posting her stories, I asked if she had any plans to write the tale of Aragorn and little Boromir, as I was longing to read it. She replied that she didn't, and so it came about that I started writing it myself, with Larrk's very gracious permission. I've tried very hard in writing this 'prequel' to stay true to Larrk's vision of the characters, and the story itself. I hope I've done it justice.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the stories!

My Stories

Little Fledgling, Chapter 1 Aragorn, in his guise as 'Thorongil', is serving under Ecthelion, the Steward of Gondor. On light duties as he recovers from an injury, he is given the task of watching over Ecthelion's precocious four-year-old grandson, Boromir.

Little Fledgling, Chapter 2 Day two of Aragorn's new duty. Aragorn goes to watch Boromir's sword lesson, and gives his little charge a few tips.

Little Fledgling, Chapter 3 Boromir has a triumph while sparring, and Aragorn takes him on a picnic to celebrate.

Little Fledgling, Chapter 4 Boromir misbehaves again, and Aragorn has to administer his fledgling's first ever spanking.

Little Fledgling, Chapter 5 The day after Boromir's first spanking, Aragorn tells Boromir a story about one of his own childhood misadventures.

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