Welcome to Larrkin's Nest! Most of my stories link up in a loosely chronological order, first following the storyline of the Fellowship on the Quest, then moving to the future setting of Minas Tirith during the days before, then after the Final Battle. Some stand alone tales even travel back through characters' memories to pre-Fellowship days. So the stories appear in groups that build on one another, and they are under constant, random revision. Please do check back from time to time for any new and improved versions.

A few warnings: my stories feature several significant alterations from Tolkien and film canon: Boromir survives the attack at Amon Hen, and M/M spanking exists in this AU as a widely accepted practice. Please see my For New Readers page for more information and a brief description of this Middle Earth AU where loving discipline is commonplace. I also include romantic, not graphic, slash.

I love hearing from my readers, so don't be shy about dropping me an email. And please feel free to click the link below and check out my dear friend Kat's wonderful stories about Boromir as a child in Minas Tirith and 'Thorongil' (Aragorn,) his temporary guardian. Kat's Cradle.

Please visit me on Live Journal, where I'll be posting updates and info about the newest rewrites and WIP.

Namarie! Larrk


My Stories

Lessons in the Night This story was written as a sequel to my friend Claire's The Inn At Bree, wherein, Frodo, following an accident with the Ring in the commonroom, has an encounter with a mysterious Ranger who takes a dim view of careless hobbits and expresses his displeasure in a corporal manner.

Attention Deserved Aragorn teaches Boromir about his new role in the chain of command and how to accept the special attention he so deserves. 11/19/03. 100K

Attention Invited Legolas takes an immediate dislike to the warrior from Gondor, inviting some attention for himself. 12/07/03. 194K

Little Brothers Frodo faces some disciplinary action from Boromir and Legolas due to his misbehavior during sword practice. 12/16/03.55K

Ranger Child 1 Aragorn follows through on his promise regarding a bar of soap and Legolas' foul speech. Boromir, however creates some problems. 1/25/04. 83K

Ranger Child 2
The Bond of Isolation
Frodo and Aragorn share some quiet time discussing a shared bond. 1/25/04. 60K

Ranger Child 3 Legolas tells Boromir the story he's been longing to hear, about a time from the past when Legolas and his friend, Gwinthorian, got into some trouble with the Rangers, and Legolas retalitated after Aragorn had spanked him. 1/25/04. 75K

Ranger Child 4 Boromir takes action when Pippin misbehaves yet again. 1/29/04. 104K

Ranger Child 5 The resolute Master Samwise takes a belligerent Frodo in hand. 2/10/04. 71K

Ranger Child 6 Aragorn is finally attended to by Legolas, his perfect immovable force. 2/19/04. 111K

Ranger Child 7
Epilogue: Solace of the Heart
Aragorn finally does for Pippin what he should have done in the first place and so all the final threads weave together to complete the Ranger Child tapestry. 3/24/04. 323K

Problems with Pipe weed Pippin and Merry plan a prank with pipe-weed. 4/7/04. 47K

A Tale to Becalm the Healing 1 A story within a story, set in the future, after The Battle of The Pelennor Fields. In chapter one, Merry and Faramir try to escape the Houses of Healing once too often. 5/8/04. 80K

A Tale to Becalm the Healing 2 Faramir receives some discipline from his future King, while Pippin receives his from Legolas. 5/9/04. 84K

A Tale to Becalm the Healing 3 Faramir, Merry and Pippin share an interlude in the Houses of Healing. 5/14/04. 28K

A Tale to Becalm the Healing 4 Halbarad begins his tale. 5/25/04. 50K

A Tale to Becalm the Healing 5 After his troublesome elf is dealt with, Halbarad continues his tale featuring two young Rangers in serious trouble of their own. 5/25/05. 56K

A Tale to Becalm the Healing 6 In the final chapter, Halbarad finishes his tale about the first time he took Aragorn in hand. 6/16/04. 74K

Frodo's Secret A stand-alone story. Frodo's hiding something, and Legolas decides to investigate further. 5/17/04. 32K

Boundaries Redefined 1 Boromir, the hobbits, temper tantrums, and lovely clean mud. 7/5/04. 52.4K

Boundaries Redefined 2 The further adventures of Boromir and the halflings. 7/5/04. 43.2K

Boundaries Redefined 3 While giving Pip his first elvish spanking, Legolas has many memories of Gwinthorian's first spanking from Halbarad, and how it happened that Gwin then joined the Rangers. 7/12/04. 65.9K

Boundaries Redefined 4 Aragorn spanks Frodo for his part in the mud fiasco; Legolas forms plans to discipline his 'little brother'. 7/20/04. 77.5K

Boundaries Redefined 5 Legolas finally gets his 'little brother' all to himself. 7/30/04. 47.5K

Boundaries Redefined 6 Legolas gives Boromir what he deserves. 8/16/04. 75.1K

Boundaries Redefined 7 Aragorn now takes a turn helping his fledgling. 8/24/04. 45.3K

Noble Soul 1 The Fellowship members all come together in concern for Sam. 9/8/04. 27.6K

Noble Soul 2 Legolas tells the story of what happened to Sam while he was sick and Aragorn reveals some shocking information. 9/9/04. 46.3K

Noble Soul 3 Aragorn's memories of his Ranger days and the warg incident fill his heart and mind as he disciplines Sam. 9/21/04. 62.1K

Noble Soul Epilogue Legolas and Aragorn share long talks about Boromir while cheeky halflings enjoy some post-spanking closeness. 10/8/04. 58.6K

Fine Gifts A stand-alone tale of Yuledays amongst the Fellowship. 1/06/05. 23.5K

Ere the Final March 1
Beautiful Litany
Once again in the future timesetting, we pick up where A Tale to Becalm the Healing left off. Gwinthorian receives the rest of the spanking Halbarad had started earlier in Aragorn's chambers. 10/24/04. 71.2K

Ere the Final March 2
Boromir's Gift
Boromir's first interactions with Halbarad and Gwin; Aragorn's dark news about Faramir; Pippin's bittersweet memories of Frodo in the Shire, and Boromir helping him with a comfort spanking.11/7/04. 91.0K

Ere the Final March 3
A Blind Trust in Tomorrow
Legolas needs some special attention before the next great battle. 12/15/04. 87.9K

Ere the Final March 4
The Salve of Consolation
Between Aragorn's soap and Eomer's discipline it's a hard day for Merry. 1/13/05. 84.9K

Ere the Final March 5
The Cleansing Grace
Legolas tells the story of how Boromir survived Amon Hen and Boromir begins Faramir's discipline session. 2/11/05. 56.6K

Ere the Final March 5 - II
A Poem of Forgiveness
Faramir tells the story of how he spanked Frodo and Sam twice whilst holding them captive, and Boromir deals with his little brother's guilt in an over-the-knee manner. 2/27/05. 63.8K

Ere the Final March 5 - III
Two Loving Forces
While Faramir dozes, Boromir ponders how to tell his story, and he recalls a similar story Aragorn once told him about his twin brothers. 3/13/05. 76.6K

Ere the Final March 5 - IV
Exquisite Absolution
How Aragorn and Legolas helped Boromir deal with his guilt. 4/11/05. 110.6K

Ere the Final March 5 - V
As It Should Be
Faramir tells of how he learned that Boromir lived, his first meeting with Pippin and the bond they formed; then Denethor's further torment and cruelty, ending with their father's death sentence. A story of healing between the brothers. 5/9/05. 100.1K

Ere the Final March 6 - I
An Elvish Assurance
After a last minute change in plans for the March, Faramir finds himself facing one more disciplinary big brother--an elvish one. 8/12/05. 171K

Ere the Final March 6 - II
A Simple Request
Legolas said, "Do you have a story about a hobbit who needed to stay abed and heal, but was very naughty and refused to do so?" Indeed, Pippin does. 9/12/05. 163K

Ere the Final March 7 - I
A Solid Haven of Safety
Two storylines: Halbarad and Gwin return to Minas Tirith; meanwhile, Garrick learns of Devon's newest misbehavior. 10/9/05. 95K

Ere the Final March 7 - II
The Voice of the Heart
Garrick confronts Devon about his troublemaking actions. 10/28/05. 114K

Ere the Final March 7 - III
A Singular Comfort part I
Halbarad insists that Aragorn accept the comfort he needs. 12/1/05. 110K

Ere the Final March 7 - III
A Singular Comfort part II
In this final chapter, Halbarad helps Aragorn with his inner torments and all the characters come together for one last gathering.12/29/05. 128K

My Faramir Whilst watching the departing Army of the West, Eowyn and Faramir have a quiet talk. 5/7/07. 29K

The Yuledays Wish Another Yuledays Season at Brandy Hall! Mistletoe, "Claiming" and a lavish profusion of romantic mush. A special holiday offering! 12/9/05. 95K

Patience A post-spanking scene, romantically but graphically explored. WARNING: there is sex in this story, folks! 11/4/06. 54K

Quest 1
The Sweet and Simple Truth
Beginning where Noble Soul ended, the Fellowship faces the aftermath of Caradhras and Boromir faces the consequences of his struggle with the Ring.7/18/06. 162K

Quest 2
Little Boy Thieves
The tale of two naughty hobbits, one dreamy elf and the lure of a village named Drumold. 9/21/06. 216K

Quest 3
Aragorn discusses the infamous 'pact of silence' with Legolas. 11/29/06. 235K

Wondrous Indeed On the day after the Yuledays season featured in the story Fine Gifts, a fretful Frodo makes a poor choice, forcing Aragorn to take disciplinary action. 12/19/06. 81K

Trillium's Sweep Aragorn wants to learn a dangerous new horse trick and will do whatever he must to master it. A pre-Quest story, this takes place two years before the Fellowship of The Ring. 4/15/07. 234K

By Your Leave Sir
A Most Logical Step
A tale that takes place right after Sauron's downfall. When Halbarad is away and Gwinthorian chooses to misbehave, Legolas and Gwin's relationship takes a new turn. 6/9/07. 238K

The Troll Incident A story from Aragorn's past, wherein he and Devon, in their early Ranger days, get into a little troll trouble and invite certain doom. 10/09/07. 320K

A Measure of Grace Pippin struggles with some post-Yuledays feelings. 1/3/08. 104K.

Dead Wrong Halbarad dead? Not in my canon. It must be a case of mistaken identities. 3/7/08. 44K.

The Comfort of Consequences Two very similar stories: Frodo decides to assert his adulthood, and in the course of stopping him, Legolas recalls a time when Glorfindel stopped him from doing the same thing. 7/3/08. 356K.

If It's Good Enough For Strider... After Frodo and Sam leave the Fellowship at Parth Galen and paddle across the lake, Sam has something to discuss with Frodo when they arrive on the far shore. 3/29/09.

Fireworks! At Bilbo's Birthday party a wizard's dragon is stolen and released amongst the hobbity guests. Who could have done such a thing? And are there any consequences for such naughtiness? 7/4/10.

A Word, Sir Boromir and Gwinthorian hold a mischievous discussion that someone overhears. Link is to LiveJournal. 3/12/13.

A Goodly Pace Legolas, Frodo and a quiet morning ride. Link is to LiveJournal. 6/30/13.

An Honorable Burglar Thorin "discusses" the troll mishap with Fili and Kili. And then, it's Master Baggins' turn. Link is to LiveJournal. 10/23/13.

Foster Father of the Heart A story about Boromir and Faramir that could very well be subtitled: "Wherein Our Angsty Sons of Gondor Act Out and Come Smack Dab Up Against Their Devoted Mentor, Damrod." Yes, dear readers, I finished it! Link is to LiveJournal. 1/17/14.

An Objectionable Companion Inexcusably shameless fluff between Legolas and Frodo while on the march. Link is to LiveJournal. 4/11/14.

An Entity Apart After his last spanking Bilbo told Thorin, "There won't be a next time." Well . . . Link is to LiveJournal. 8/17/14.

An Immediate Response Kili worries that Thorin won't permit him to join the Quest, so he hatches a daring plan. Fili doesn't approve, and makes his displeasure known in a way his little brother never anticipated. Link is to LiveJournal. 1/14/15.

Go On Sam encourages Frodo to comfort himself. Link is to LiveJournal. 6/8/15.

A Fresh Truth Devon runs afoul of a certain Prince.. Link is to LiveJournal. 1/12/16.

Kindred Spirits, Chapter 7 Faramir, Devon and Gwinthorian join forces for an adventure and court Certain Doom. Link is to LiveJournal. 3/29/19.

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